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by d-peg
20/11/17 13:53
Forum: MK3
Topic: A passion for oil
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Re: A passion for oil

Try Patrick Chambers - headcase on here :th:
by d-peg
31/10/17 16:53
Forum: Engine Conversions
Topic: K series
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Re: K series

Shipping and duty from MWR kinda kills this conversion for all except those with deep pockets. Then if they're that deep you may as well tune the 3SGTE (not knowing the K20 swap).
by d-peg
02/10/17 13:53
Forum: Engine Conversions
Topic: UK Rev5 NA to Gen3 Turbo
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Re: UK Rev5 NA to Gen3 Turbo

AC clutch wire is blue-white I think.
by d-peg
30/09/17 21:16
Forum: ICE
Topic: Rev2 Stock Head Unit locked 'HELP'
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Re: Rev2 Stock Head Unit locked 'HELP'

That may just do it - looks like the same thing - will get him to give it a crack :th:
by d-peg
29/09/17 13:07
Forum: ICE
Topic: Rev2 Stock Head Unit locked 'HELP'
Replies: 3
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Rev2 Stock Head Unit locked 'HELP'

Posting on behalf of behalf of Rachel's brother who we've signed up as a full member (i'll get him to get his ass in gear and post something now he has a shiny car) which has a little issue the OC may be able to help with. It's a bone stock rev2 sunroof UK car, all completely original, still has the...
by d-peg
18/09/17 8:46
Forum: MK2
Topic: Uk engine in an import
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Re: Uk engine in an import

The tougher part will be the later revision into an earlier car. It may give wiring problems but there are plenty of us here to help (just not me sorry lol). Physically it'll bolt up exactly the same into the bay, I think the exhaust mid-pipe is the same. gearbox clutch etc are identical so no issue...
by d-peg
18/09/17 8:36
Forum: The Spirited Driving Chronicles
Topic: not really spirited driving
Replies: 13
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Re: not really spirited driving

We're all just glad you're still with us Lee - it is nothing short of miraculous.
Cars can be replaced mate. :th:
by d-peg
18/09/17 8:31
Forum: MK2
Topic: New member
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Re: New member

Good morning D-Man

I have heard storm force to be pretty good though not heard of the other brand.
by d-peg
18/09/17 8:30
Forum: MK2
Topic: T Cut fix this?
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Re: T Cut fix this?

One of ours Matt... Lee Dawes - aka dawesy.

Thankfully only requiring a short visit to hospital, minor cuts and bruised ribs.

Stay safe everyone - it can happen to the best of us. :th:

by d-peg
16/09/17 18:29
Forum: South East
Topic: Kent Run 2017 Season - Round 6 17th September
Replies: 51
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Re: Kent Run 2017 Season - Round 6 17th September

Oh Tony!
Really sorry to hear you're unwell, if there's anything Rach & I can do - please let us know. :th:
by d-peg
11/09/17 8:17
Forum: European Events
Topic: Le Mans 2018
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Re: Le Mans 2018

I'll make some calls this week :)
by d-peg
07/09/17 12:08
Forum: MK2
Topic: Mr2 turbo engine mount
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Re: Mr2 turbo engine mount

+ another here - poly bush it :)
by d-peg
06/09/17 10:49
Forum: MK3
Topic: Road handling in the wet
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Re: Road handling in the wet

You CANNOT drive a mid engine RWD car the same way as you would a front engine FWD car. As Shinny intimated above... Enjoy it in the dry and learn how to corner. It is much more biased toward setting the balance of the car up before the corner as to actually driving the corner. The mk3 is the best h...
by d-peg
04/09/17 18:14
Forum: JAE pics and vids
Topic: JAE 2017 - Pics and Videos
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JAE 2017 - Pics and Videos

Please post your pictures and videos here :)

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