Heavily modded Rev2 N/A UK GT-TBAR

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Selling on ebay as I wouldn't know what to ask for it. After 17 years of ownership I am now reluctantly selling my much loved MR2 due to ill health.

She has always been somewhat of a project and has given me many hours of pleasure fashioning and moulding her into the car of today. The interior is about 85% complete and that is why I am selling as an ongoing project.

The car was registered in 1992 and is the UK (non-import) 2.0L non turbo revision 2 GT-TBAR model. Back in 2010 I had the desire to change the lines of the car to make it bespoke and unique. So, with my aircraft mechanic background and composite fabrication skills I spent 1 ½ years and £6000 turning it into a head turner. Here is a list of things I did at the time. Engine: Engine removed and overhauled, head replaced, HKS air filter, polished headers and Stainless Steel exhaust. Running Gear: Alloy wheel spacers front and back, suspension lowered by 50mm with new coils, Team Dynamics alloy wheels fitted, new disks/pads/calliper reseal. Interior: Momo steering wheel (original wheel fitted) and gear knob, short shift gear stick, seats re leathered with orange stitching and MR2 logo stitching on the back. Body: TRD body kit imported from USA. Rear and sides fitted. Front clamshell fabricated from scratch, front structure welded to take new quick release clam, front headlights fabricated from scratch, Bomex front bumper bonded to clam and aero catches fitted, wing mirrors fitted and car body filled and painted in orange (see pic). Rear wing fabricated and fitted, rear diffuser fabricated and fitted. (not shown in pics) I modded the twin wiper to a single wiper which I like better. This is not an exhaustive list but just wanted you to get a feel for the work done over the years. So 9 years later I had saved another £3000 and I wanted to rejuvenate what I had and upgrade the interior. I saw a picture of the new McLaren Senna and thought I could emulate that interior (see Senna pics on google images) so first of all I had the sills welded, the suspension springs + ball joints, subframe, engine mounts and anything else under the car that had seen better days sorted out or replaced. Fitted some fake Brembo calliper covers for styling, (I’m not proud) I then had the car spray wrapped in graphite grey with a company called UKDIPZ. They still have the mix and will charge £30 for touch ups. I then removed the dash and fabricated a new one from carbon fibre, fitted Audi S3 vents and covered partly in alcantara. Then purchased a Race Technology Dash2 digital race dash (£650) and sensors for oil/water temp, oil pressure and speed sensor. I left space to fit a heads up display. The lower portion of the dash yet to complete but I have parts to do that. I fabricated a console that fits overhead for door catches, windows, interior lights and start button but yet to finish and fit also. It requires a new centre console or mod the existing which is quite an easy thing to do and the pod that attaches to the dash which houses the media/nav display is yet to be built too but started the plug for the mould to house a nexus 7. My intension was to fabricate carbon fibre bucket seats as in the Senna, but circumstances have got the better of me. Something I did put a lot of hours into was the steering wheel. It has everything you would have on the stalks and placed onto the wheel, that includes buttons for the indicators (not unlike an F1 wheel) and the final thing, I was experimenting with bespoke rearward opening lambo doors. I fabricated the mechanism and trial fitted to prove the concept and they indeed do work and are very cool, again though they need someone with plenty of time, vision and enthusiasm to fit and iron out a few difficulties. So, to the negative things, It needs all 4 discs/pads and calliper reseal. I bought the discs/pads and reseal kits, but they need fitting and will come with the sale. It has been sat for the last 6 months and I’ve noticed the middle of the left-hand sill is corroded through, not a huge problem but would need doing for the next mot. There are small patches on the paint where it has been caught, as it’s a spray wrap, care has to be taken. I did intend to have a full respray in the future. I inadvertently used the wrong spray glue so when the sun increased the temp in the care the alcantara lifted ☹ A days work to put right though. Where I have bonded some of the parts together, they have small cracks which show through the paint but that’s quite good as these can be sorted out before a full spray job or re touch up of the wrap. (I can show you how) The fuel sender isn’t yet calibrating to the race dash, just needs some time spending on it. Well that’s about it really, it’s fast and sounds great, starts first time and has great road holding. Heads turn when you are in it so get used to that. It’s mot runs out in August but if you key in the personal reg (which is included) mot.gov, you will see its history anyway. I have loads of history and documentation. I have the 2 MR2 workshop manuals Body/electrical and engine/transmission also that I can give you and throw in the original stereo + X6 cd changer. Rear diffuser was fitted but needs repair as it was damaged when I removed it and it blew down the garden. It would be really good to p this on to someone who will take the time to finish it. When I started it I knew very little about electrics or electronics but the web is full of information and helpful people to help. I would also be available to answer any questions you may have too until completed. It will be quite a long listing so as to give people time to view. I’m guessing we will have to be sensible when viewing due to covid19 and keep our distance but can also do a video call viewing where I could show you round the car. I will advertise in other places to drum up interest and will accept reasonable offers before the listing ends. I am happy to answer any other questions you have that I have not covered here and can supply many more photos on request, especially those of the build.

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Year of registration 1992
Mileage 184000
MOT- months 2
Model MK2 Rev2
Transmission Manual

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Heavily modded Rev2 N/A UK GT-TBAR

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