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I have now scratched an itch that I’ve had for a long time and that was to complete a 2zz swap on a mk3 MR2. Now that it’s done it’s time to move on to my next project. I don’t have much in the way of service history for the car, however I have plenty of picture evidence of the swap which I carried out myself with the help of my father in law. The engine itself came from an 02 Corolla T-Sport and had 111k at the time of installation. I have done a few thousand miles since carrying out he swap as the car is my daily driver and just last week took it down to Cornwall. The engine is very smooth, with an immense rush when you get into lift. It is vastly superior to the 1zz engine that is standard in these cars. I also swapped the LSD from the MR2 5 speed gearbox into the Corolla 6 speed gearbox meaning it gets all that power to the road. Economy wise it easily averages over 30mpg even with regular ventures into lift! As well as the engine swap I have carried out a number of other mods that have vastly improved the way the car looks, drives and feels. These include: 2Forge ZF1 wheels (17x7.5” Front 17x8” Rear) Hankook Ventus Evo2 tyres (205/40 front 225/35 rear) Tein lowering springs Facelift rear bumper inserts Facelift side intakes Maxton design front splitter Cobra quad exhaust MWR swap manifold Toyo sport de-cat (will come with the original for MOT) OMP steering wheel Celica seats Short shifter Chrome gear knob Yellowstuff Brake pads all round Stainless brake lines With the above mods the car not only looks the part, but goes, stops and steers brilliantly. The steering is sublime, very sharp and precise with loads of feedback. The brakes similarly have mive amounts of feel and progression combined with mive stopping power. The engine is lovely and smooth low down, but when it switches to “Lift“ the top end is searing. Once you’ve felt the power in “Lift” you’ll find yourself hunting for the next time you can experience it, it’s addictive! The car does have some bad points: As said the car is a daily driver and not even remotely close to a show car, so this means scuffs, stone chips etc As well as all the squeaks and rattles you’d ociate with an 18 year old convertible. However with a good wash it is still very presentable and there is no rust at all. There is a tear in the hood, I’ve patched it so it doesn’t leak, but it just doesn’t look very nice! Lastly there is an engine check light showing. This is from during the engine swap my father in law accidentally snapped the oil pressure switch which the lift sensor connects to. I have replaced the switch, however the check light still persists. I’ve plugged in my diagnostic tool and the only code on there is for the oil switch. I’ve cleared it, however it just comes straight back. The engine runs fine and it’s switches into lift perfectly so it’s a mystery as to why it keeps throwing the code! So overall this is a superb driving, very fast MR2 that is extremely usable, reasonably economical and that proudly wears miles.

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Year of registration 2002
Mileage 93000
MOT- months 2
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2zz MR2 mk3

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