MK2 Parts

3 NEW SW20 sliding seat rail / right side RHD driver / for Recaro Bride

GBP 220.00

NEW SW20 sliding seat rail for bottom mount Recaro and BRIDE seats.   Right side / RHD Drivers side.   Will fit: Recaro L series, LX series,...
4 MR2 5Zigen Pro Exhaust MR2-SW20

GBP 100.00

Taken from my MR2 with 3S-GE engine. Rear box is in good condition, main box has a loose baffle but I am told that this could be fixed. I...
master cylinder
Does anyone know where to get a master cylinder from or has one to sell for a 1995 import. It has to be post 1992 as they changed so earlier one...
Parts required - 1993 MR2 T bar UK car original

GBP 0.01

Help ! I need an a/c condenser ( small rad in front of the big one !!) for a mk2. Presumably there are after market ones as factory/dealer...