Monday, 30 January 2012 21:07

2011 JAE Tug of War Open weight winners

2011 Saw an introduction of a weight restriction so held open weight and light weight categories. The open weight category only had two teams enter AVW and ourselves, so our team went straight to the final after lunch. We win the coin toss the good end is ours, as soon as the command pull was uttered by the line judge the team is into full swing shooting backwards. The second end was the same but even faster, if you had of blinked you would have missed it, the open weight team decimated the opposition.

2011 JAE MR2OC Tug of War Open weight Tug of War team;

Friday, 20 January 2012 18:49

2007 JAE Tug of War Winners

A year had past with the defeat of 06 still aching in the legs. MR2OC were back at the East of England show ground, Friday night the usual beers and laughs, Saturday the team got together in the club marquee for a training session with a brand new team from last year. A night on the beer again then Sunday the team made our way to the main arena for a warm up followed by the rest of the club in full support. The first pull against some very young people and we were through to the next round. The second pull, the team dug in, worked as a team and in unison pulled our way into the final. Remembering what had happened the previous year and with fresh legs we entered the arena again against last year’s champions the Celica OC. With a team talk and the support and cheers of the club the guys were ready, the first pull was static, neither team giving an inch, stamina won through and the team slowly inched the rope back to the whistle. The second pull the Celica OC were tired and the team dragged them across the arena. At last winners, the hard graft and cheers had got us through.

2007 JAE MR2OC Tug of War team;


Friday, 20 January 2012 18:48

2006 JAE Tug of War Runners up

This was the first physical competition to be entered by the club, hearing that JAE run a tug of war completion between car clubs, the club wasn’t short of volunteers. After a quick training session with a rope tied to the back of an MR2, we headed over to the main marquee where the humidity would match that of a jungle. The first pull was easy, and unknown club wearing socks. Next up was the Mk IV Supra OC, a hard fought battle that went on for what seemed like hours. The first end came our way eventually, the second went to them, everything went left went into the third and MR2OC was through to the final against Celica OC. Only a couple of minutes rest and back to the rope, a very tired team against a large well rested team. This wasn’t our year being runners up to the Celica OC.

2006 JAE MR2OC Tug of War team;