How much is Full Membership ?

To become a Full Member and take advantage of all the Club features is £12 yearly,
Starting 30 days before your membership expires you will receive 3 email reminders until the expiry date. Your Full membership will automatically lapse after the specified time and your forum status will revert to your original Registered User

You can renew at anytime by going to the Subs page, if you renew early you will not lose any of your existing membership. i.e. if you renew 30 days early your new membership will not start until after the 30 days is up. Renewal of your membership before its expiry date  will attract a small discount.

To renew, click the Membership tab on the main menu or follow this link CLICKY
If you have any queries regarding Full membership please contact one of the Admin team, initial contact can be made by PM via the forum or by raising a support ticket from here Support

We do not renew automatically and no automatic payments are taken.