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DISCUSSION - Shows for 2019

Posted: 21/08/18 12:37
by MR2Jay
Morning all,

I'd like to start a discussion regarding shows for next year. If we start planning and organising early on, not only will we get prime spots, we'll also give people plenty of time to get ready.

One thing we have always prided ourselves on is that it's not about the cars, it's the people. So it never mattered if you had a showroom standard pristine MK1, a rat-look MK2 or a Fast & Furious style Mk3, everyone was welcome.

Something we seem to have lost is that ethos. I plan to help it come back.

A few of us are talking at the moment about how we can provide you, the members, a chance to experience these shows as we always intended. Whether these are one day events or weekend campers with a BBQ and beer, it's all about meeting up and making friendships.

What I would like from you guys is a list of what shows you would like us to consider organising. We obviously can't do them all but if there is a good spread, all over the country (to help people who might miss out if they aren't happy travelling) then we will do what we can to try and make sure we have a presence there.

I'll start with a bit of a list of the usual suspects, any suggestions can be added to the list and based on talking points and whichever people think are a good idea, it gives us something to work with.

1. JDMCoombe (Castle Combe - Wiltshire)
2. Japfest (Silverstone, Northants)
3. Japshow (Santa Pod, Beds)
4. Simply Jap (Beaulieu Motor Museum, Hampshire)
5. German Vs Jap (Ramsey, Cambridgeshire)
6. JAE (Peterborough Arena, Cambridgeshire)
7. Japfest 2 (Donnington, Derbyshire)
8. Japshow Finale (Santa Pod, Beds)
9. Japanese Performance Show (Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire)
10. Forge Action Day (Castel Combe - Wiltshire)

Over to the floor :th:

Re: DISCUSSION - Shows for 2019

Posted: 21/08/18 15:31
by chris
the Japanese Performance Show at Stoneleigh Park (or the National Agricultural Centre) is a pretty good one day show. I missed it this year as it coincided with my Wedding Anniversary, and the missus wouldn't have been best pleased if I'd have gone, but I went last year and had a great time... it was on 19th August this year, and it's generally the same sort of time every year, plus it's Midlands based, so nice and central for everyone

Re: DISCUSSION - Shows for 2019

Posted: 21/08/18 15:39
by MR2Jay
That's a good call Chris, that's generally a quiet time as well :th:

I'll add it to the list......

What I'll do as the show dates are released is put them in order so we don't end up with a clash

Re: DISCUSSION - Shows for 2019

Posted: 21/08/18 17:26
by notroubleclubber
All the shows listd as examples all have one thing in common.... they are all jap.

I know the mr2 is a jap car but does the show have to be jap orientated?

Ive arranged a local fb group im a member off to forge day show at combe which i thought would be a change as it has all sorts of marques not just jap.

Now the problem ive had is lack of interest... it just seems to have tailed off the last few years. Its been very disappointing.

It seems like jae is the major one that the forum users go to. However its just that. Its the “old timer” users that seem to only go where everyone knows each other.

Ive found more local groups to be a bit “clicky” and less approachable(however some members are fine)which has put me off going to other events that i havent been to before

Re: DISCUSSION - Shows for 2019

Posted: 21/08/18 18:14
by MR2Jay
That's a fair point, and no, there is no reason why it has to be a Jap specific show. That said, we have to start somewhere to find out where people would like to hit.

Liking the sound of the Forge one, something a bit different. That's kinda been the appeal of the German vs Jap show as well, an excuse for 2 very different scenes to come together and a chance to see different cars :th: I'll put the Forge Action Day on the list :th:

Regarding the "old crowd" and JAE, I think we are a bit of a victim of past success there. I do understand what you mean though. The older members always remember that as our main event and still do use it as the only chance in the year to catch up. There is nothing wrong with that but I do understand what you mean. This is why we need to encourage people to join other, smaller shows in the year. This allows different people to get together at different times and make friends, most of which will be at JAE as well making that family atmosphere we once had. As we aren't as competitive in the IKO as we once were, it's sort of lost the events which pitched everyone together.

In an nutshell, unless we do something, nothing will improve so this is a start on that :th:

My honest opinion is that if we can make a real go of encouraging people out and meeting face to face, not only with shows but with monthly drives like "the good old days", we can easily build that companionship we were always so good at :th:

Re: DISCUSSION - Shows for 2019

Posted: 21/08/18 18:47
by notroubleclubber
Oh i totally agree.
It would be good to get the old runs and meets going again. Unfortuantely it seems the mr2 is not so popular these days for some reason. Im guessing its the age of the marque that doesnt help.

I posted on here and 2 other well known mr2 forums about forge day and i didnt get one dickie bird contact me for the club details to book. In fact it was only tony that did contact me last minute from these forums and all the rest coming (12 cars i think) is from a local mr2 fb group. I was very disappointed from the forums turn out.
If it wasnt such a good place for technical help i think i would be rarely visiting.

I really hope you get more interest.

Re: DISCUSSION - Shows for 2019

Posted: 22/08/18 11:54
by cori.louise
Other Club stand shows I have been to this year or plan on next year are Ultimate Street Car, Fitment Junkies Collective, Trax, modified nationals, the fast show, Players Classic.
non club stand shows are Gravity, GR8 (Belgium), Fitted.

Unsure how you guys feel about doing other shows. As much as I am 'team Jap' things like Ultimate Street Car is like 5 times bigger than Japshow and there is so much more to see

Re: DISCUSSION - Shows for 2019

Posted: 22/08/18 11:59
by MR2Jay
The big stinger with USC is the cost - last time I looked it wasn't cheap :no:

We can certainly look at some of the others :th:

Re: DISCUSSION - Shows for 2019

Posted: 22/08/18 12:10
by cori.louise
yeah the trick is to buy in Jan when tickets are £70. Personally I still think its worth it.

Re: DISCUSSION - Shows for 2019

Posted: 22/08/18 12:32
by MR2Jay
Tell you what though, depending on date, the one over the river in Belgium would be a laugh :th:

Re: DISCUSSION - Shows for 2019

Posted: 22/08/18 13:44
by cori.louise
MR2Jay wrote:
22/08/18 12:32
Tell you what though, depending on date, the one over the river in Belgium would be a laugh :th:
When I was talking to Fitment Junkies about going over, they said its only an hour or so from port of Dunkirk. Would certainly mix things up a bit and an optional road trip for a few days after could work well! to save confusion we can talk about this off this thread :th:

Re: DISCUSSION - Shows for 2019

Posted: 03/09/18 8:54
by Fozzydaz
Looks like pretty much all of the show's i had in mind have been listed already but watching the thread anyway : and the Belgium run could be ace !

Re: DISCUSSION - Shows for 2019

Posted: 16/11/18 18:59
by Jaseb1987
Is the club going to jdm combe this year?

Still new too all this and not sure if I buy my own tickets or do we go as a club. How do all these things work lol.

Just seems jdm combe if I buy tickets now it's £45 for 2 tickets and 15 mins track time? Is that a good deal? Sorry for all the question just wanna get out and meet people but don't know how is best to do it lol.

Many thanks


Re: DISCUSSION - Shows for 2019

Posted: 16/11/18 23:59
by TonyleFrog
No problem with asking the question. :)

JDMCombe is #1 on Jay's list.

I've been giong to Combe every year from 2008 onwards.
It used be Japfest before that moved to Silverstone in 2016.
Since then the circuit has put on its own show

I've been the organiser for JDMCombe for the last couple of years
Will register the OC for 2019 as soon as its avaliable.

It's up to you whether you do the 'early bird' deal.
If you do, you won't be on the club stand though.