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Re: WRA What a great day

Posted: 01/06/09 8:42
by topgun
Stuker wrote:Superb day out, thanks to all who helped organise it! :th:

Mick, I am now slightly deaf after following you those few miles to the A34 on the way home. :eeek:

TRD01 is GORGEOUS! Looks good standing still and even better on the road. :th:
Thanks mate she is a tad loud lol

Re: WRA What a great day

Posted: 01/06/09 11:24
by Kinsy
oldskoolhrdcore wrote:
Kinsy wrote:I dont post much here but i have to say hats off to topgun and all the volunteers :th:

It was a cracking day with absolutely no mistakes, everything went like clockwork and i got to chat to some great people. Even tho my '2 has seen better days compared to some of the others on show i still felt very special driving round the track.

Excellent work! :yh:
hey ross, was good chatting to you my fellow 'azure' brother :wink:.. if i ever see a drivers door up, its yours :D
Cheers dude, was nice to meet you, thought i was going to be the only one there! Hope you enjoyed ya post meet beers!

Anyone else watch the drifting while they were there? Or see the remote control car drift circuit? those little cars are awesome!

WRA What a great day

Posted: 01/06/09 15:14
by pd39
hi all had a great weekend so good to meet you all and Wow we done it that was the best day ever thank you all to have made it even better and topgun coffee on you next time but not at 4.30 in the morning lol hope to meet you all very soon but dont leave it to long

thanks Paolo

Re: WRA What a great day

Posted: 01/06/09 15:32
by andymac183
Uruzata wrote:
Marshall1234 wrote:For my fiirst meet it was awsome.
First Meet ?
Forgot to mention it was my first meet of any kind too!
Somehow I think the resat aren;t gonna seem the same...still gonna go to them tho!

Re: WRA What a great day

Posted: 05/06/09 18:13
by Gaz!
My first time on the net sice saturday.

What a quality day, despite running around and getting burnt had the meet of the year.

Good to meet new guys and catch up with everyone else.

Roll on Santa Pod. :th: