How To:- Pair an Mk2 MR2 Alarm Fob (Factory)

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Re: How To:- Pair an Mk2 MR2 Alarm Fob (Factory)

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KeischiiFan wrote:Hi yet again,

I'm an idiot. No, I'm THE idiot. The reason why my plipper wasn't working, was that I'd left the boot juuuuust open enough to get the light on in there, and my battery was pancake-flat. I found that out on Monday morning when I got in and turned the key to deafening silence, but luckily had a spare (smaller) battery I'd got for £15 from a local breakers (just to move a couple of my old Opels about in the garden - I'm kinda playing Tetris, digging dirt out from behind them, concreting my garage slab and then rolling them back onto it, and digging to concrete in front of them). The small battery was very clean and fresh, and TBH I fitted it last week and forgot all about it, I'll dig my charger out and revive it (hopefully) - perhaps its' extra beef will be better for shifting the garden art around. Oh, but yesterday my key-fob (item A) failed to work, I think it may be the battery. I just opened the car and took item B out of the glove box, with a smug grin on my face. C is also in the car, and D lives at home, just in case.
sweeet ...always the most obvious solution - yeah noticed it myself that the alarm wont activate once the boots open.

consider changing the boot light to an LED - it will drain your battery but at a much slower rate to a filament bulb

See my LED thread here:

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