Mk2 - my sill restoration experience

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Re: Save your Mk2 - my sill restoration experience

Post by stuMR2lee »

You can also pop the black plastic cover (UK cars) or unscrew the seat belt retractor thing (imports) in the door frame. You can then look through this whilst you shine a light down there.

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Re: Save your Mk2 - my sill restoration experience

Post by Philsew »

I remade mine last Christmas out of galvanized steel. It was not easy and i'm having problems with the paint coming off, which I suppose isn't too much of a shock considering I painted them in a barn in the middle of winter!

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Re: Save your Mk2 - my sill restoration experience

Post by lewiswhitmore524 »

Another Mk2 Saved

Having read this thread this was the first job I've attempted on my 2 since I bought it 4 days ago. It was imported in 2008 so the damage isn't too severe, however I'm going to treat it all just in case. binned the foam.

Driver's side. ... 110042.jpg

Passenger Side ... 114526.jpg

It would appear the drain plug is missing from the passenger side. This is what it looked like without the flash on. Taken from the exact same position as the previous picture. ... 114508.jpg

Thinking of scraping and cleaning it the best I can from the inside and treating with bilt hamber hydrate 80 ( , followed by the Dynax S50 treatment. Will that do the trick do you think?

I'll try to locate a replacement drain plug since I don't want water splashing up into the sills. Where's the easiest place to get one? Would you recommend taking the intake cover off as suggested to get inside the sill? How difficult is that?

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Re: Save your Mk2 - my sill restoration experience

Post by Snoosnoo »

I wasn't as lucky :sad:



I knew they needed doing at some point so I'm not as fussed. Treated it to try and slow it's progress.

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Re: Save your Mk2 - my sill restoration experience

Post by gc1 »

well this is what i found today with my camera on the drivers side, havnt checked passenger side yet. 1997 rev 4 gt coupe na uk car.
car has been garaged all its life by previous owner
doesnt look too bad, will investigate sill and rear wheel arch to see wether its rotting from the outside or inside. the foam insert is dry as is the rusty area.
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Re: Save your Mk2 - my sill restoration experience

Post by chrisE »

Gutted I only just found this thread, thanks Rob and everyone else's input, i'll be checking my sills in the next week.


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Re: Save your Mk2 - my sill restoration experience

Post by SegaAges »

This is a good topic, for a while now I've had little water bubbles on my passenger side sill just above the air vent, the sill it self is fine no holes but now I've seen your post I pulled the foam out of both passenger and drivers side, the driver's side is fine but passenger is the same level of rust, certainly explains where the water bubbles have been coming from, I was gutted as my cars an import and has no rust what so ever and if anything starts it's immediately dealt with.

I'm dreading what I'm going to find when I cut through the sill but it has to be done as I can't have rust there as it will spread, I've already bought the metel so just have to take my cutoff wheel to it and see how far it's spred I know it hasn't reached the wheel arch as I clean amd check them regularly they are rust free so hoping I'm only dealing with just a small area and just a case of chopping out and making new box work and a replacement seal patch, time to dust off me mig welder me thinks.

Think it might be wise to seam weld the lot as this looks very close to the seat belt anchorage

Another thing I found around this area, for those who have the active sound system with 2 subs there is an amp both sides passenger and drivers side labled L & R which are bolted next to the seatbelt roller, there is a sheet of thin foam covering the back of the car body, these amplifiers press tight against the foam on to the car body when I took my amps out the foam wad damp and had a rust patch where the amps were sitting luckily just surface stuff but be warned take this foam out as well or it will go through to the outside.
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