Speedo cable replacement

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Speedo cable replacement

Post by Arktikfox » 07/05/16 17:10

How does one replace the speedo cable on a 1990 Mk2 rev 1, mine is broken just short of the gearbox, The cable comes in parts I presume, and I have ordered the rear section, where does it run and where is it joined to the front section. Im new to MR2s, though mine is rebodied as a 355 GTS Ferrari. But the car is still a Toyota MR2.... Please help...

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Re: Speedo cable replacement

Post by abovetherim » 20/05/16 16:10

Should be posted in the tech section and it would get more views there also but....

the cable at the gearbox sensor just pushes a square cable into the sensor and an outer casing is then threaded on. You may find that the old one is difficult to undo but pipe grips will work.

The cable loops over the box and runs under the car to about 1/2 way on the n/s of the middle. There is a join that is cover by a rubber boot. simples.

Once the car has its bum in the air or the n/s in the air (supported on axle stands NOT just jack) access is easy and the job won't take too long.
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