MK3 - Wheels + Tyre Thread - Post Yours

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MK3 - Wheels + Tyre Thread - Post Yours

Post by iLogik »


Model: MR2
4 Stud
PCD : 4x100
Offset : 35 to 45
Bore : 54.1
Fittings : NUTS 12x1.5
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Re: MK3 - Wheels + Tyre Thread - Post Yours

Post by bossman23780 »

Make: Velox Preformance Progear Series PG-5s.
Tyre Sizes: Michelin Pilot Sports 205/40/17 front, 225/35/17 rear.
Wheel Sizes: 17x7
Offsets: 42mm
Comments: The rears fit great but the front slightly rub in extreme sitsuation so i bought wider front arch panels to solve this. The rims weigh 12.5lbs/5.6kgs. Unfortunatly the tyre sizes arent made for the pilot sports anymore but Hankook and Falken make a decent set in those sizes. The alloys can be bought but only from the states so you need to find a dealer, which is a bit awkward.

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