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Sunday Jap Show people - traffic warning - Northampton

Posted: 03/10/09 16:39
by BunnyBrained
There's a half Marathon In Northampton on Sunday. I'd completely forgotten until today when I saw all the signs out.

It's from 10am for a good chunk of the day and there are going to be major road closures on the M1 side of town.

The route is here:

Closures are here (can't copy & paste cos it's stooooopid Flash website):

Essentially, as long as you avoid within about 2 miles to the West of the town centre you'll be ok.

If you were planning on coming off the M1 at junction 16 and stopping at Sixfields Sainsburys for supplies, I'd make another plan; the finishing line is only a few hundred yards from there.

Bloody healthy people, ruining it for the sloths amongst us :whistling:
Have a great day :th: