2 GR or not 2 GR

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Re: 2 GR or not 2 GR

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gavsdavs wrote: 22/06/20 23:28 You can put a longer 5th in an S54 or a taller FD into an E153. I don't think there's 5th gear mod for an E153. If you can find an E51 (i think that's the code, it's from a manual camry), then it has a 3.6Fd which is the best choice for the E153 & V6 combination
This is true. I've had both the 3.6fd and 3.9fd. The stock 4.2fd is ridiculous - essentially no first gear, i.e. you immediately have to shift, or just not use it and start in 2nd.

If you are going to be sensibly driving it I would recommend using the S54 box. Plenty people out there using it.


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