Rev1 Turbo AFM

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Rev1 Turbo AFM

Post by Astonp91 » 28/02/19 11:11

does anybody have a working AFM for sale please?

I am in desperate need of one, ?

Many thanks in advanced


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Re: Rev1 Turbo AFM

Post by MR2DI4 » 28/02/19 19:51

They can be opened up and carefully cleaned. That black plastic cap can be removed with a scalpel. I took mine off it years ago and then re silicone it back on. If its "Stuffed" then you have nothing to loose by opening it up.

They are simply just a multi-finger wiper on a ceramic resistive track. Dont touch the wiper you can easily deform it but you can clean the resistive element path the wiper runs in. It the element has worn right through then I guess the whole thing is stuffed but the wear causes dust that can be removed.

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