Japfest 2014 entrance pics

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Re: Japfest 2014 entrance pics

Post by MRS 2 » 16/05/14 22:50

I met you, I didn't read your for sale sign for the private plate correctly & thought the car was for sale & started pocking around the sills :facepalm:

Did you sell the Toms wheels in the end?
Orange Fox wrote:
MRS 2 wrote:Come on guys, I cant be the only one with an MK2 rev 1 that went to japfest, is mine the oldest MK2 rev 1 from the OC that went (1990) More rev 1's please :th:
Mines a Rev1 tubbie - its also a 1990 H plate, when not on her private plate

Cant seam to copy it so heres the link

http://www.photography-uk.com/PictureDe ... 29+%2F2%29

I was the one with the funny coloured hair :laughing

1990 Mk 2 Rev 1 7 Flip colour Turbo
1991 Mk 2 Rev 1 Red GT T-Bar

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Re: Japfest 2014 entrance pics

Post by Orange Fox » 16/05/14 22:58

Nope didnt sell the private plate or the C7R's :no:
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