Video of a Few MR2's @ Japshow

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Re: Video of a Few MR2's @ Japshow

Post by stevie_mr2 » 23/06/09 21:33

djrys2 wrote:great vids mate, nah i never made it past my 13.20 i ended up with 13.40 and 13.45 and one 15.20 when i smoked it a bit much, was thinking of going again in aug bank holiday weekednd as noticed they do a late night 4-9pm unlimited runs for a £10. got to get it back to nathon now though as its not running well below 4k with no lambda fitted.
nice to meet you matey, i was the one who you were chatting to when yet another rx7 shat itself :rofl:

rev 3 / 4 / 5 (bits from each, you choose)
GT turbo / G-limited (bits from both, you choose)
the important bit's from the GT though....

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