89 AW11 Engine Jumping Problems - help!

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89 AW11 Engine Jumping Problems - help!

Post by HarryBuck »

Hi everyone, first time poster here so sorry if it's a bit rough around the edges!

I picked up an 89 AW11 with only 94k miles which seems great except I've been noticing some "censored" with the engine.

The most worrying thing is that at around 2000rpm, at low throttle the engine will drop revs very suddenly - I either have to motor through that rev range or employ a bit of clutch to get it to work properly. Also the higher the gear the better it gets.

Last guy complained of it being "A bit down on power before the TVIS" and replaced the fuel pump/filter but couldn't fix it.

Had a bit of a poke around, adjusting the mixture helped but non linearly, a clean of the HT leads and corroded connections in the distributor proved helpful but not by much - all plugs look fine.

Other symptoms include: sometimes rev hunts at idle (mostly when hot), it's a bit jumpy coming onto the throttle from none and smells a bit fuel-y when hot. There's also some oil in the engine bay but that seemed to be a loose rocker cover.

I have no experience with these cars, haven't even driven another AW11 so I would really love some second opinions! Cheers, H

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