Multiple failures, need help! o2 sensor

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Multiple failures, need help! o2 sensor

Post by Sonac » 25/04/19 16:03

So I have a Innovate MTX-L Pro wideband. Removed the stock o2 sensor on the exhaust manifold just after the turbo and used a toyota adapter plate to put my wideband sensor there. Ran the yellow wire from the wideband (simulated narrowband) back to the engine bay where I hooked it to the original o2 sensor connector that goes to the ECU.

Played with the o2 mapping for the simulated narrowband a lot but after a few seconds the engine would keep going lean. Lean condition f***** my knock sensor which I just replaced. :ranting1:

Gave up with the stupid simulated narrowband as its clearly s*** so I just decided to put the stock o2 sensor back. Thought i'll have my mechanic weld a flange to the exhaust somewhere for the wideband sensor instead.

What would you know... o2 sensor bolts stripped their f****** threads. Now i'm left with a car I can't drive.
I don't see any damage to the threads in the exhaust manifold, I think its just the bolts that are f*****. :furious:

Does anyone know what size thread and length I need for new o2 sensor bolts? I want to replace them with studs and nuts instead to make it easier in the future. From what i've read elsewhere the size is M 8 and the Pitch is 1.25 but I just want to confirm beforehand.

Oh and to top it all off my boost controller died for no reason.

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Re: Multiple failures, need help! o2 sensor

Post by rgb » 25/04/19 21:24

you could probably weld the wideband collar with the exhaust still on the car it wants to go at the bottom of the downpipe . have a look at berk decats to see where they put it. bolt size is probably right if it has a 10 mm head

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