Setting ignition timing and idle help.

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Setting ignition timing and idle help.

Post by MR2madlad »


Rev 3 1994 Turbo

Recently rebuilt my turbo engine, full stripdown new parts and rebuild.

Got mechanical timing fine on cambelt.

I bought a timing light and shorted out the 2 pins in diagnostic port and set the dizzy to 10° BTDC as per what I found online when engine was hot.

Now I've e done this the car from cold idles at 2000 rpm, drops to 1200 when hot, still too high.

All vacuum pipes new and fitted to proper places, at point of rebuild I took the throttle lump off and cleaned the funny valve thing in it that a sort of green coloured electromagnet thing with 2 wires looks to control, new gaskets.

I've not touched the throttle position sensor or anything ells.

The accelerator cable I've unhooked just incase the cable was pulling the throttle open a bit, not that.

Engine has new green temp sensor fitted, new lambda probe as heater section was open circuit (4 wire lambda probe, 2 heater, 2 the actual probe sensor)

Not sure what I've done wrong.

Have i cocked it up or not done something right?


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