Subtle BOV

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Subtle BOV

Post by tommy10101 »

Hi all,

currently have the blitz BOV on my rev3 tubby, it is way too loud and obnoxious.

anyone know of a more subtle one? Should I just put a stock one on? (Bought the car like this)

Also, I am going to decat with 3inch downpipe and exhaust soon - how loud are these cars in this form? <100db at 4.5k rpm static? Trying to make sure I get onto castle Combe :)


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Re: Subtle BOV

Post by Mike »

Hi i think most aftermarket BOV's are loud for these cars i have a hks one on mine and it is as loud if not louder than the blitz. another option is to block off the BOV, some people will dissagre that as it can put a little more strain on the turbo but honestly from what i have seen and read it makes no real difference to the life of the turbo or engine.

And for exhausts doing a decat will increase the noise made by the exhaist by itself but also significantly increase exhaust flow allowing for more power. As for the rest of the exhaust it all depends on which make and model you go for, something like an apexi gt or a blitz nurspec wont pass noise tests especialy if you are doing a decat without putting a bung put in them but that is an option it you wanted something louder off the track.

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Re: Subtle BOV

Post by MR2DI4 »

Try and find a stock BOV its a great design apart from the little plastic control valve on the side of it. Replace that and it goes forever.

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Re: Subtle BOV

Post by SonicSW20 »

Stock with an aftermarket intake kit makes enough noise noise to be audible, but not excessive. This is stock recirculating, with a Blitz intake kit:

Rev5 Sonic Shadow

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