SW20 with Lumpy Power & Flat Spots

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SW20 with Lumpy Power & Flat Spots

Post by ToyotaTom »

Hey All,

I have a 1995 NA MR2 that has started having lumpy power under accelerating, particularly when cold. This also creates flat spots in performance around 3000 RPM, again more so when cold.

No engine codes are being shown and it does get better when it gets warmer. I have also found if you remove the EFI/ECU fuses the problem goes away for a while. Any ideas?

Thanks :)

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Re: SW20 with Lumpy Power & Flat Spots

Post by abovetherim »

Check coil pack for cracks. Check dizzy cap and rotor for wear and deposits. Check plugs gap and condition.

Also when was last fuel filter change?
Read the resistance of the ect sensor at different engine temps to check that is working.

Could be bogging when cold due to weak spark not being able to cope with extra fuel for cold running.
Could be not getting fuel for cold running because of a blocked filter or ect not registering cold.

A few things to check before throwing parts at it.
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