Broke my knock sensor again

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Broke my knock sensor again

Post by Sonac » 27/02/20 13:26

A few months ago my o2 sensor broke and my engine knocked which broke the sensor.
So I replaced it. But I didn't have to drive much during that time so it was okay.

But the other day the nut which holds the 2 halfs of the turbo fell off. I guess it was never tight and the turbo separated in half which caused the engine to knock.

Now I get CEL code for knock sensor again so I broke it. Only I really need to drive and my car is in limp mode.
I had to drive 20 miles to work in limp mode which isn't fun. Wide open throttle going up hills in 2nd gear and barely accelerating is not my idea of a good time. Also 3.5k rpm limit so can't even use high revs to my advantage. I am being beaten by nissan micras!

Is there a way to temporary trick the ECU to ignore the code so I can drive it?

I have of course replaced the nut holding the turbo together with a brand new self locking nut and I put a whole bunch of thread locker on. Prev owner must have left it loose and used no threadlocker :no:

I'll order a new sensor when I get home tonight. But it will probably be next week before I can install it :/

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