Low coolant/leak and some steam

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Low coolant/leak and some steam

Post by andyjf89 » 25/03/20 11:44

Hi all,

I have a 93T and took it out for a quick spin yesterday. As I was driving I thought I felt something similar to a misfire, so I immediately pulled over to check the bay.

There was nothing too untoward but I did notice a small amount steam/smoke near the coolant neck. The engine block near to the coolant neck was a bit wet but I don’t know if that is new or just old oil etc as I think it needs a head cover gasket.

Anyway, I have since noticed drops on the ground where I park that have no smell but are reddish brown in colour on my finger.

The coolant level seems to have dropped in the engine bay neck as I checked it by chance before all of this and could see it under the cap but now I can’t, I have squeezed the pipes and it does appear and can hear it.

I have checked under the oil cap, no white stuff and nothing on the dipstick. Small amount of condensation (I hope) coming out the exhaust but that is the cold weather. The oil level also hasn’t risen or fallen at all.

The bottom of the sump and transmission are wet though like the side of the engine block and I think that is new.
The car is also running okay, hasn’t lost vacuum as far as I can see, gets up to temp okay and doesn’t overheat.

Any ideas?

I have ordered a compression tester, which I planned on doing anyway out of good measure.

Thanks in advance

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Re: Low coolant/leak and some steam

Post by abovetherim » 03/04/20 12:44

There are so many areas in the engine bay that can develop a leak. All the hose unions, the hoses themselves, the metal pipes that run under the car for the radiator and the heater.
Add to this the hose from hell (do a search) which was addressed on an episode of wheeler dealers with ant antsted
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