How much power?

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How much power?

Post by tommy10101 »

Hi all,

What sort of power do you think I will make?

1994 rev3 tubby
Decat downpipe and full exhaust
St205 chargecooler
Boost set at 1.0 bar
Stock turbo, stock engine, stock ecu

Cyl 1 - 170 psi / 10%
Cyl 2 - 168 psi / 12%
Cyl 3 - 168 psi / 14%
Cyl 4 - 162 psi / 18%

Going to take it on a rolling road soon, I will post the results.

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Re: How much power?

Post by MR2DI4 »

Lucky you we are in a total lockdown now so its pretty hard to get the MR2 onto the road, let alone a rolling road.

Did you workout what turbo you actually had in the car in the end ?

A standard CT26 will be pretty bad, you will be lucky to make 200 RWHP.

You can try and crank all the boost you like, it will be down to 10psi at the redline.

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