Rust around T-Bar area

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Rust around T-Bar area

Post by SilentWings »

Hi folks,

Wanted your advice on rust repairs around a T-bar roof on a MK2/SW20, if anyone has any previous on such a repair.

I've been on the hunt for a MK2 in the right spec for 2 years now, and after having missed a nice looking turbo a few months ago, I finally spotted a nice original looking UK GT T-Bar (~100k miles) and got the chance to go see it.

Sadly it seems to have a fair bit of bubbling in the area between the T-Bar panel and the top of the windscreen which wasn't visible in any pictures. The area is around 3-4 square inches and is about 6 inches in from the top right corner of the windscreen. There's no rust visible through the paint, but i have no doubt it's there if you were to look under the seals. Sadly there wasn't time for me to take any photos.

I wanted to get an idea of how serious this could be. I don't have a mate with a body shop or mad welding skills in the background, so I would be at the mercy of paying someone to sort it. I believe it would require removing the windscreen? I would be loathe to let this one go, as it seems in good shape otherwise (famous last words :bye: ) and I know from experience what a pain finding my preferred spec is. Engine seems strong, new cat, new cambelt/pulleys, sill work already done etc.

He wants 4.5k for it. Anybody have an idea of a worst case scenario figure for this sort of repair?

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