maxx1 alarm

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maxx1 alarm

Post by jeff »

toad ai606 currently installed is playing up, rang someone up to get a quote on fixing and was advised that its now obsolete and i should consider getting a maxx1 alarm fitted
anyone have any experience of them ?

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Re: maxx1 alarm

Post by peteV6R5 »

Jeff, had a read of quite a few reviews and ads on this.
1 its a clifford, which for me is a tick- my clifford concept was great once installed correctly for the 13 years I had my MR2
2 I have no knowledge of this particular system
3 what I have noticed is the price and price fitted differers widely so best shop around
4 from what I have seen its got good reputation and features.

other than that (which pretty sure you got from your reading of the system ), think I would be looking at same if needed.
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