maxx1 alarm

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maxx1 alarm

Post by jeff »

toad ai606 currently installed is playing up, rang someone up to get a quote on fixing and was advised that its now obsolete and i should consider getting a maxx1 alarm fitted
anyone have any experience of them ?

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Re: maxx1 alarm

Post by peteV6R5 »

Jeff, had a read of quite a few reviews and ads on this.
1 its a clifford, which for me is a tick- my clifford concept was great once installed correctly for the 13 years I had my MR2
2 I have no knowledge of this particular system
3 what I have noticed is the price and price fitted differers widely so best shop around
4 from what I have seen its got good reputation and features.

other than that (which pretty sure you got from your reading of the system ), think I would be looking at same if needed.
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rupert smith
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Re: maxx1 alarm

Post by rupert smith »

Hi Jeff,

I very recently purchased my new MR2 (the other day) and it has an Avital maxx1 immobiliser fitted. From my brief experience with it it seems to work flawlessly.

It's thatcham approved (not sure if your previous alarm was), so the immobiliser passively arms 30 seconds after either disarming the alarm, or turning off the ignition. To start the engine this has to be disarmed so you have to either arm and disarm the alarm if the key isn't in the ignition, or just press the unlock/lock button while the key is in the ignition.

The remote locking works well and the system also allows you to arm the alarm without the interior acoustic sensors so you can lock it with the roof off.

It's quite an old system though... surely there must be other more modern systems that are probably nicer to use, more secure and with greater features?
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