92 G-Limited correct alternator

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92 G-Limited correct alternator

Post by MR2madlad »


As per title

92 G-Limited I recently picked up for £300 non runner making my 3rd MR2, she now lives and all sills welded up properly, she passed MOT and zips along happy but I now have issues with alternator.

Currently fitted (now removed) is a "modified" alternator, the lobe that the top tensioner bolt fits in has been partly ground away, also the threaded hole has been filed out / dragged about 5mm so a non standard bolt and nut can be used to fix the top to the engine bracket making it a complete bxxxxh to get the bolt out.

Essentially the alternator is dead but I can't seem to get the right type to replace.

From what it looks like the one I currently have it too big for the bracket and the alternator been modified to fit but because of the top lobe is larger meaning bolt hole will not line up with slot in bracket (unless hole id dragged) and lobe gets wedged by the bracket its not able to be tensioned as it physically wont move away to tension belt more than 3 mm, also putting belt on is very very tight.

To me it looks like my car uses a smaller alternator mount bracket and a smaller size alternator.

I've done a bit if research and it seems there are 3 alt available a 70A, an 80A and a 100A

My G-Limited HAS power steering, steering fogs, electric heated and retract mirrors, premium "super live sound" system with CD changer, so id of thought it would be a 80 or 100 A alternator but neither fit but cant; find a 70A

The engine is a standard 3S-GE REV 2 JDM Import but unlike my UK one has a spring cambelt tensioner rather than hydraulic if this helps identify.

Anyone know what the OEM part number is and the amperage rating for the correct one for my car or can at least verify that the alternator is actually meant to be smaller not?

I'm thinking of buying the larger Alt mount bracket off ebay for £25 and ditching the small one I have and chucking an 100A alt on as being over rated is better than being under, but unsure if the bolt holes on block will line up on bigger bracket, I assume / certain they would but verification on this would also be helpful.



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Re: 92 G-Limited correct alternator

Post by peteV6R5 »

from what I remember early ones had round plugs 80Amp ??? not 100% sure
post 92 rev2 onward had 90amp oval plugs

if on the cusp of change over the only way to be sure is with chassis number into the Toyota parts catalogue.
not got the link anymore since selling the V6 - sorry.
someone will have it
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Re: 92 G-Limited correct alternator

Post by SonicSW20 »

The car is 30 years old, only way you're going to be 100% sure whats actually on there is by physically checking it. The mounting points on the block are identical so you can switch between the small and large bracket / alternator. You can buy adapters to convert between round and oval plug, or put a new plug on there.

My '99 NA engine had a Celica alternator on it, which was the small alternator (as it would have from factory) but the output pole was in a different position.
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Re: 92 G-Limited correct alternator

Post by jimi »

Put your VIN number in here and you'll get the part numbernfor the alternator originally fitted to your car http://www.japan-parts.eu/
Any problems, PM me your VIN and I'll get the part number from the Toyota EPC ;)
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