Tuners in the UK

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Tuners in the UK

Post by tommy10101 »

Hi all,

I want to get my rev3 turbo mapped.
But I want to find the tuner before I purchase the stand-alone ecu

Can anyone let me know a good one? I’ve searched google but no luck really.

Is there a company which are renowned for it? I want it mapped as well as possible obviously


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Re: Tuners in the UK

Post by TonyleFrog »

It would help if we knew in what part of the country you're located. How far are you willing to travel?
Also mappers do not necessarily have expertise in all stand alone systems.
You might want to consider doing things the other way round.
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Re: Tuners in the UK

Post by nick »

Don't know if this is helpful, had my Beemer chipped by Midland Tuning Centre. 0121 293 0929

My 325 D went from 218 to 270 bhp, lots of torque goes very well , no effect on fuel consumption. Cost £220.

I appreciate an older MR2 maybe be different, but if in the area worth a call.
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