Oil sump

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Oil sump

Post by Yaboo742 »

Any tips on refitting oil sump. Failed twice now oil leaking along the back by flywheel

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Re: Oil sump

Post by MR2DI4 »

Yes a black silicone that's designed for the job. I got some from RS components years ago part number 283-426 but the price of it is now crazy.

https://nz.rs-online.com/web/p/sealants ... %3Atrue%7D

The most important thing and probably the hardest is removing all the oil from both surfaces. Your essentially gluing it on so you need an adhesive more than a sealant.

Standard high temp sealants will not work, they simply do not form a strong enough bond.

Expensive but what else would you expect from something specified by Rolls Royce Aerospace.

I have used it to actually build up a corroded surface on a washing machine shaft before fitting a Viton seal on top of it, it sticks like mad.
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Re: Oil sump

Post by jimi »

Black is not a colour ! .... Its the absence of colour
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