Rear wheel arches

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Rear wheel arches

Post by andyp73 »


Amongst the myriad of rust repairs that my MR2 is going to need there is a big piece needs cutting out of the passenger side rear wheel arch.

Is it possible to get MR2 Mk2 repair panels or is there another vehicle that has a close enough profile to be able to use the repair panels from that?


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Re: Rear wheel arches

Post by jimi »

I don't remember seeing anything about anyone doing arch repair panels for the MK2, but I'm not certain, there's a couple of eBay sellers doing sill repair panels, might be worth contacting them.
Also this company
Have look at this thread you will more than likely find it useful for the work ahead ;) LINKY
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Re: Rear wheel arches

Post by BYRNEY1984 »

Hi I had to do this on my rev 1 v6 turbo along with both outer sills and the passenger inner sill. You can get the outer sills from MR2 ben for ยฃ65 each. But the rear arch panels will have to be fabricated. I just cut out all the rot and kept what was left in one piece then made them in plates took a while but was worth it. Even if ot canโ€™t be seen ๐Ÿ˜‚
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Re: Rear wheel arches

Post by Wheelnut »

Got this to do, thanks for pics. Nice work.

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Re: Rear wheel arches

Post by Rev599 »

Good work ๐Ÿ‘
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