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No Electrics

Post by OllieDunnett » 08/09/19 19:11

Hi Everyone,

This is my first post on here although I`ve been a reader for a while. Whilst driving my 2004 MR2 home last week the alternator belt began to disintegrate although did not fail completely, I took it to a local garage who fitted a new belt. I then drove it for about 6 hours non stop for work and everything was totally normal (no warning lights etc). The next morning I drove it for 6miles which again was fine, its been sat in a hotel car park since then and now is totally flat, I couldn't even unlock it remotely and when I tried to jump it off another car it lit up the electrics but wasn't able to even turn over.

I`m in this hotel with work for the next 2 weeks but will need to get it fixed down here (Exeter) before the 26th, I will put a voltmeter on the battery tomorrow to check its condition but any ideas are gratefully received.



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