Engine oil for 2003

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Engine oil for 2003

Post by Dnpostle »

Hi all, new to this site.
I have a 4litre castrol Edge 5W-30 LL is this OK for a oil change? A bit concerned because Castrol advise Magnetec start stop oil. Oil left over from a previous car that I didn't use. Would save me money but don't want to risk any damage. TY in advance

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Re: Engine oil for 2003

Post by JWJ0121 »

Not sure what you did in the end but I recently used about 3.5 L Shell Helix 5W-30 for an oil change. First oil change since I brought my '04, not sure what oil was in the engine from previous owner but I suspect it may have been 5W-30. I could have just topped it up since it was below half full on the dipstick but since I didn't know what type of oil was in the engine I thought I'd better not risk it and just empty the old stuff. Didn't change the oil filter as the "dirty oil" had no particulates... plus I have that damn rear diaper which is a faff to take off!

If you look in your Toyota Manual (if you still have it) it will tell you what oils are suitable for your engine, alot of it depends on how cold the temperature is where you are.

After a week I have surprisingly noticed a mild difference in the engine as it revs smoothly now, also at a cold start I was amazed to see the initial idle was around 1500-1600 rpm. Before I changed the oil the initial idle was around 2000 rpm so its obviously done something beneficial. First time using Shell Helix and their big selling point is the "cleaning" additives they add into the oil which help lubricate the engine and other chemistry magic...
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Re: Engine oil for 2003

Post by jimi »

I wouldn't change the oil without changing the filter, for the price of a filter it makes no sense not to.
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