Exhaust Manifold

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Exhaust Manifold

Post by Ca700470@hotmail.com »

I’m trying to buy an exhaust manifold to replace the precat.

Have tried toyosports and MR2-Ben but they don’t have any.

Where else can I try?

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Re: Exhaust Manifold

Post by jimi »

Try Fensport or Rogue Motorsports or TCB parts
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Re: Exhaust Manifold

Post by BahnStormer »

I got my Toyosport off eBay (shop carefully)... There's a Toyosports seller: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/STAINLESS-ST ... 1438.l2649

Seem to be £129, but I paid £89 incl postage (delivery in less than a week) - but that was nearly a year ago, just before the world went mad! Unless they're now including genuine gaskets and bolts, but when I got it from that same Toyosport supplier, the supplied gasket was like tracing paper and the studs were completely the wrong size... at least the manifold was genuine and the delivery was fast.

You'll need these extras:
Head to Manifold
Gasket 17173-22010/17173-0D020 (x1) £13.23 + VAT
Nuts 90179-08228 (x5)
Studs 90126-08043 (x5)
Manifold to cat
Gasket 90917-06065 (x2) £4.29 each + VAT (crush rings, NOT the fire ring)
Nuts 90179-10070 (x3) (aka "the three amigos")
Studs 90116-10146 (x3) (aka "the three amigos")

Also need.... 10m of titanium based heatwrap (~£15 on amazon), and some Plusgas and/or an angle grinder...

I sourced most of my gaskets and nuts/studs from TCB and the rest from a Toyota dealer.

Highly recommended... not really any extra power unless you're also doing the cat, but the sound alone makes it well worth it :)
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