Bank 1 lambda sensor removal

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Bank 1 lambda sensor removal

Post by SimonTappenden »

Can these lambda sensors be discarded, please gather bank 1 sensors are not needed for U.K. emissions?

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Re: Bank 1 lambda sensor removal

Post by BahnStormer »

I wouldn't.

#1 you would need to replace them with a resistor, otherwise you'll get an EML and fail your MOT on that alone... even if you do the resistor hack, you'd need some way of managing fuel trims...

When my bank1's failed (and the crooked dealer I'd bought that car from had masked the EML), the car went into the "lambda sensor not working" safety mode where mine ran so rich that it coated the cat in fuel (failed on both CO tests @ 35x over limit), also failed on HC's (4x) and lambda (~20%)....

Fast Idle:
CO=7.165% (max = 0.2%)
HC=812ppm (max = 200ppm)
Lamda=0.780 (min = 0.97)
Natural Idle:
CO=5.108% (max 0.3%)

Once the sensors were replaced with working ones and I ran a bottle of cattaclean through it, it sailed through the MOT.... and the fuel economy also improved from ~26mpg for the 5 tanks beforehand to ~34mpg for the 5 tanks afterwards... and that was all high revving, B-road ragging...
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