Mk3 Turbo advice needed!

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Mk3 Turbo advice needed!

Post by jazz30 »

Hi all,

After a few years trying other jap cars, I've just returned to the MR2 world with a sable grey mk3 turbo (2003). Unfortunately its hunting at idle when warm only (hunting between around 800-1200 revs) and bogging slightly on acceleration. Also smells like it's running rich. When it's up to 'operating' speed it's fine and is boosting fine also - no turbo smoke etc... Not sure if anyone has any idea on this? I did think it was the MAF sensor, but can't find any info on whether the turbo setup needs a specific type of MAF or whether the standard one will do. At the moment it's running a MonkeyWrench Racing kit - including GT28rs turbo, 630cc injectors, APEXi power FC (and commander - not dared tinker with this yet!!) - also RPS flywheel and clutch.

Long shot, but i don't suppose anyone has any insight / experience to offer?

Much obliged!


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