Mk3 engine replacement

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Mk3 engine replacement

Post by dan-smith »

I recently purchased a 2001 mr2 roadster. It was from a private seller, everything seemed fine and it drove okay on the test drive. The engine is on about 60k miles with good service history. Got about 10 miles and onto a motorway then engine light came on, there was a horrendous knocking sound and started to lose power. So I pulled over turned the engine off and waited around 5 mins, tried to turn it back on and it would turn over try to start and if I pressed the accelerator pedal it was last about 5 seconds then die. No knocking noises when starting but it would shake quite violently. It also had oil topped up as I did it before I left to drive the car back home. Towed it to a local garage a couple days later and all they could really say is they could hear a loud knocking from the bottom of the engine which sounded like it could be the crankshaft and that I will most likely need a new engine. They also said they won't do an engine swap themselves as it was too busy right now.

So what should I do? Find somewhere that may be able to rebuild it or take it somewhere that can sort me a new engine? And what prices should I be expecting to pay?
I live in Leicestershire so If anyone knows a place in that area that can help it would be very appreciated.

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Re: Mk3 engine replacement

Post by ayresyboy »

Speak to Matt Lee who used to run Silverstone Performance. He can rebuild or maybe supply one that's already been rebuilt. Alternatively Dick Sloan or J Spec could supply a decent second hand one. Andy
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