East Midlands MR2 SOS Hospital - Information Thread

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East Midlands MR2 SOS Hospital - Information Thread

Post by MR2Jay »

So, this is my first plan to implement in the area - The MR2 SOS Hospital :th:

In our area we have a varied collection of cars from Trev's MK3, Jeff's Beams MK2, My (eventual) Rev 3 Turbo and pretty much everything in between :th:

Not only that, we also have a vast amount of experience in pretty much every area on these from Kinsy's sheer determination mechanically, Rover76's expertise with paint and my, erm, my...... Burgers ;)

So, why don't we all take advantage of where we are?

The East Midlands Hospital is a way to get to know your local members and forge friendships while keeping our cars in tip top condition.

Here is how it will work.

Local members will pm me with a job that needs doing on the car and when they need it done by. This can be anything from a leaking rocker gasket to a pre mot check to mot work to a full engine removal or fitting. In the pm, not only do I need to know what needs doing on the car but also feeding arrangements ;) Let me explain, in payment for hosting the elite of the area fixing your car and teaching you new skills, you MUST feed them once the job is done ;)

Once I have a pm, I will start a new thread with the username and date and post a reply below giving details of all the work that needs doing and that all important post match grub. People can then respond.

If you aren't too clued up about the cars, you can still attend as this is possibly the BEST way to learn. Learning on the spanners is far better than learning from books ;)

I think this will be a great way to build friendships in the area while keeping it in the context of the club. :th:

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