Why is the time wrong?

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Why is the time wrong?

Post by shinny » 03/12/14 19:10

Just tell me how to fix it!

Check your timezone settings here: http://www.mr2oc.co.uk/forums/user.html?i=165

1) Select you standard teimzone. For the UK, select "[UTC] Western Europe Time, Greenwich Mean Time"
2) If Daylight Saving (British Summer Time) is currently in operation, set "Summer Time/DST is in effect" to "Yes". Otherwise set it to "No"
3) To keep the correct time, you need to change the "Summer Time/DST is in effect" setting every time the clocks go forward or back.

What happen? The time was right last time I checked!

The clocks changed and the forum didn't. Well, more specifically, your user preferences didn't.

The DST setting in the user control panel isn't telling the software that it may automatically adjust for daylight saving (like you're used to everywhere else). It's telling the software that it currently is (or is not) summer time. The forum DOES NOT adjust for Daylight Saving Time automatically in any timezone. therefore it needs to be changed every time the clocks go forward or back.

Why doesn't the forum use my computer's clock, because I that's right

Although your computer clock might be right, the software cannot simply assume that, especially given the vast numbers of different computers it will talk to each day. The only clock the forum can trust is the clock on the server (synchronised globally and accurate to UTC/GMT within a few milliseconds) which does not (and should not) change with daylight saving.

So the forum developers were lazy?

Yes... but I don't entirely blame them.

Getting software to correctly handle Daylight Saving Time according to the timezone is actually much trickier than it first appears, not least because political decisions mean timezone/DST information needs updating VERY frequently. To put it in context, my computer knows about 742 different time zones! If each zone made a change to its DST settings once a century, you'd still be updating the information roughly every 2 months. (OK, it doesn't work out *that* bad in practice, but you see my point).

So the developers clearly dodged the issue and put in the minimum system that "worked"... a timezone offset and then a simple "DST" option to move the clock forward an hour. However, simply knowing an offset from UTC doesn't tell you anything about if/when DST should be applied, making it impossible for the forum to correctly switch the DST option for you.

More recent versions of the forum software have automatic DST adjustment; but that is currently not available on MR2OC, sorry.


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