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403 forbidden

Posted: 06/08/17 1:02
by pbmr2

I use a VPN on the internet which either has a French or Belgian IP address, normally Belgian.

For the last couple of weeks this has been throwing up a 403 saying "403: Access Forbidden
Repeat offender (Autobanned)" The normal fix is to switch to the French server and go agian, but now the French one as something like "the address is listed as a spam house"

I know I post some junk but didn't think it was quite ban grade spam :laughing
(it's not is it?)

Is there a way to unspam mark/unautobanned the VPN addresses?


Re: 403 forbidden

Posted: 06/08/17 2:01
by jimi
Send me the the VPN IP addresses you normally use and I can whitelist them in the firewall.

Re: 403 forbidden

Posted: 06/08/17 12:47
by pbmr2
I'll message you the IPs

Re: 403 forbidden

Posted: 09/08/17 8:18
by pbmr2
so this seems to be working after your changes. :th:

Will keep collecting a list of the IPs now and then in case it ever happens again. But so far so good was good the last couple of days.

Thanks very much :D

Re: 403 forbidden

Posted: 10/08/17 9:30
by jimi
:th: No problem, glad I was able to help. :cool1: