Blitz sbc need help please

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Blitz sbc need help please

Post by black »

I wonder if any of you nice chaps can help me, i have just installed a Blitz-sbc spec s boost controller and am having trouble setting it up. It does not seem to matter what setting i put it on it just wants to boost beyond. I have even tried turning it off so that factory pressure is achieved but it still boost beyond. I don't know how accurate my after market gauge is but i pooped myself when it hit 20psi.

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Re: Blitz sbc need help please

Post by petesonfire »

i had this problem and found out that i took the feed for my boost guage from the wrong place, if your guage doesnt read negative pressure on idle yours is wrong to,take the feed from the bottom of the pressure sensor (near your diagnostic socket) and check that the pipes are in correct to your solenoid box which should be between your turbo and actuator, hope this helps :th:
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