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car computer / infrotainment system

Posted: 04/09/12 14:24
by joneschrisan
I'm in the process of creating an in car computer / infrotainment system.

Although I need help in creating a sat nav for it.

Anyone interested in giving me a hand then message me back.

Also I would like to know any ideas anyone has for "apps" to be included on the device.

Currently in the project there will be the following "apps" when im finished:
  1. Radio
  2. Music Player
  3. Video Player
  4. Internet Radio Player (Shoutcast)
  5. Web Browser
  6. Notepad

Re: car computer / infrotainment system

Posted: 07/10/12 10:28
by adzmr2
Hows this coming along? Are you writing your own software? If not sounds like is what your after

Re: car computer / infrotainment system

Posted: 07/10/12 18:02
by PsyKen
I would love an Android system on a double dinn screen, but have no idea how to go about it without buying an out of date over priced unit.

If I had Android in the car then I would use the apps from the Play Store. There are many sat nav apps including google navigation, and my favorite, co-pilot :)

Ken, via Tapatalk

Re: car computer / infrotainment system

Posted: 07/10/12 19:29
by adzmr2
A 7" tablet should fit in the double din opening, think Gaz has grafted a 10" tablet in his dash

Re: car computer / infrotainment system

Posted: 09/10/12 10:58
by joneschrisan
7" screen is what I'm going for and its going to replace the radio. Yes I am writing the software my self right down to the os that will be running on it (if i can get it all to work) almost ready for testing but I am having a few issues finding a 7" screen to use on my prototype lol.

Android would be good but cant yet run on the device I'm using so I hav to write my own.

But once finished it WILL be opensource and anyone will be able to write software for it with a full api for ease of use (Althought the api might be written about version 2 or 3)

Re: car computer / infrotainment system

Posted: 09/10/12 11:19
by shinny
You're biting off quite a software task there! I'd always planned on building a system on top of a Linux install (with various plans, including using the quick restore of an eeepc 701), but it's just too much hassle, cos once I get in from work I don't really want to spend all evening sat at a screen full of code too :blush:

When I was at uni (7.5 years ago now), I built a single DIN, wireless mp3 player with a 4x20 character LCD display and custom written software. It worked ok, tho the software ended up being the simple part of the project. I can probably dig out my dissertation PDF from somewhere, tho it doesn't look like I've got it hosted online at the moment...

Re: car computer / infrotainment system

Posted: 09/10/12 11:34
by joneschrisan
Lol, yea I know exactlywhat you mean with work and home. I don't work on it very much hence the reason it's taking me so long to finish, I'v got the user interface and a few apps done to a basic level (They will be written better before official release) I now need to build the prototype of the device, write te desktop software and compile linux to run smoothly. Not too dificult a job for me to pull of, but as you found I know the hardest part will be the device it's self.

Re: car computer / infrotainment system

Posted: 09/10/12 11:53
by shinny
Yeah - I've basically decided the stick with a traditional HU now - especially with two cars, I'd have to make two versions if I made anything custom now! :rofl:

That's not to say I won't end up coding something for the car in the future, but that's a whole other story :blush: