Help finding a mk.2

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Help finding a mk.2

Post by camrichardson »

Hi All,

I am a 21 year old apprentice aerospace engineer based in the northwest. Most of my day job is behind a screen doing design work and I have been toying with the idea of a project car for a while, in order to get more hands on and learn some new skills.

I have little experience working on cars, bar a few basic things such as replacing dampers, I want to build my competency and enjoy driving the end product.

I am looking to purchase my first MR2 in the next couple of months, mainly looking at mk2s. I would like something in the £5k - £8k region but willing to push that budget for the right car. Any advice or recommendations are useful and would be greatly appreciated.



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Re: Help finding a mk.2

Post by jimi »

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Re: Help finding a mk.2

Post by ayresyboy »

There are many out there and it is a case of viewing in person to really find out how good a shape she's in. A lot have succumbed to rust. Inner and outer sills and rear pockets most common. The Facebook groups seem to be the place to advertise nowadays, but of course buying from a member here in the classifieds section jimi kindly posted is better. You can even post a wanted ad there. Your budget would fetch a really good example n/a. I have seen a few decent turbo's in that price range too. Just depends how much of a project you want. Best of luck, Andy
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Re: Help finding a mk.2

Post by _Al_ »

How do you define “the right car”?

T bar / sunroof / tin top?
Turbo or NA?
Stock or modified?
Base model or all the bells and whistles?
Rust free or welder’s dream?
Pristine or faded?
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Re: Help finding a mk.2

Post by Dianet »

Mine is for sale on here :)
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