Beams Capabilities

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Beams Capabilities

Post by MR2_Martin »

I’ve come back to MR2s and I’ve settled on a beams redtop beams MR2. After some research I’ve seen that these engines can be revved way beyond the 7450 they are limited by factory at.

The one I’m looking at already has the blacktop intake cam, and I was wondering that if I switched to blacktop valves, valve springs, and pistons, as they are titanium and much much lighter than the stock redtop ones put in larger injectors, upgraded the fuel pump, I could see 8500 RPM? What else would I need to do to make it make power at high RPM?

Additionally what can I push my stock redtop too right now in terms of top power and rpm with the aforementioned intake cam, larger injectors and a lightened flywheel?

(Edit) what’s the stuff about a grey top beams aswell? Is it real? I’ve heard it’s just a blacktop that came in the Rav 4 and not it’s own unit, and others saying that it’s it’s own engine, is it different from the redtop/blacktop?

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