Hello from an AW11 owner

Welcome to the club, come and say hello
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Hello from an AW11 owner

Post by JakeAW11 »

Hi everyone,

Only just signed up but thought it was overdue to gain knowledge from fellow owners.

Last July I bought an 89 MK1 MR2 T-Bar which had/still has issues but I've been slowly working on restoring the magic. I actually didn't intend to buy a MK1 but I had lost out on the bidding of a MK3. That then got relisted but in the meantime the AW11 popped up (pun intended) and I went for it.

I had to install a Paul Woods choke kit straight away to combat the wax stat failure, I rebuilt the calipers with new front pistons and cleaned the rears up as the rear right was seized and late last year put new rear arms and bushes as they were seized too. The engine has its own issues still and there's a lot of leaks from the engine and exhaust manifold but that's on the back burner currently.

I purchased another AW11 that had sadly been crashed beyond repair and the engine is on less miles, and idles and revs nicely which was originally my plan to swap them over but I've been increasingly looking into Silvertops and have been chatting to a fellow MK1 owner with a 2ZZ on advice and realistic expectations before I fork out money on a new engine.

The funny thing is before I picked the car up I had intended to sell it within a year and move onto something else as I was originally on a car journey to own a variety of cars that weren't my two 1994 Celicas. Two months prior I purchased a e38 740il which ticked off Luxury and rwd but I wanted mid engine which led me to the MR2 and I have fallen for this car with how engaging it is to drive and the feedback you get.

Anyway I'll be scouring the forums for advice but just thought I'd introduce myself and my MR2. I'll attach a picture parked next to my GT-Four with a SW20 behind.


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Re: Hello from an AW11 owner

Post by jimi »

Welcome to the club :clapping: nice looking MK1 :cool1: .... looks vaguely familiar but can't say from where :confused1:
I wouldn't bother with the silver top :no: it isn't particularly better powerwise than the 4A-GE and overall isn't as good an engine ( IMO )
The 2ZZ on the other hand is a much better bet, 190bhp and revs much like the 4A-GE :th:
For information check out Know Your 2 https://mr2oc.co.uk/index.php/know-your-2/mk1 also look in the downloads section for the Mk1 BGB's https://mr2oc.co.uk/downloads/technical-stuff/mk1.html
Interesting that you referr to the car by the platform designation (AW11) its a very American way of referring to the MK1 ?
The best person for information on engine swaps for the MK1 is Paul Woods, he's probably done every MK1 engine swap going.
Also check out the archived TwoBrutal forum on Pauls Woodsport site, it's a goldmine of MK1 swop info http://www.woodsport.org/forum/forum.php?styleid=56
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