Disconnecting the hollow fuel bolt

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Disconnecting the hollow fuel bolt

Post by ABleach » 09/09/17 18:25

Hi there,

I am currently in the process of pulling my engine, following the guide on the "know your 2" page, however i am stuck. I am currently disconnecting the fuel lines, having disconected one i now need to disconnect the one just above the fuel filter with a 17mm hollow bolt in it, however once i disconnect and then tighten the bolt back down into the filter the fuel still flows out the sides of the bolt, its like i need a filler connector so that the connection is tight and fuel does not leak.

Has anyone else had this trouble and how did you overcome it? Do i need to drain the fuel tank?

Any help would be appreciated, thank you

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Re: Disconnecting the hollow fuel bolt

Post by MR2DI4 » 09/09/17 18:59

I had the same problem from memory I swapped over the lines to the filter, one of the banjo connectors had an angle on on it or it was a different diameter and failed on the guides that hold it, or maybe it was just upside down and the angle caused it not to seal cannot quite remember what happened when I swapped the fuel filter but it leaked. There are also typically copper washers each side of these connectors that either have to be replaced or you can anneal them over a gas flame to make them soft again to re-use.

You don't need to drain the tank but you need a catch container when changing the filter as fuel pours all over the place from the fuel lines and fuel rail above it.

My advice to anyone changing the filter is to mark the fuel lines "Top" and "Bottom" before taking them off and note which way the filter goes in so everything goes back in exactly the same way because it can be reassembled incorrectly.

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Re: Disconnecting the hollow fuel bolt

Post by pbmr2 » 09/09/17 23:55

It reads like you're taking one out and it's leaking at that point?

The bolt will not seal without the hose and washer. you can wrap a rag around it untill it stops leaking, and/or catch the fluid from below in a bucket etc, could even undo the lower bolt to drain the filter.
some fuel will leak, just take care to catch it or clean it up. it's all part of the fun.

You'll find that there is still fuel in the fuel rail too so that will drain down the hose and leak out too.

Yes it stinks, yes it's fuel, but it's not really a problem so long as you're not smoking or angle grinding near the spill for a while. washing up liquid and water cleans it up well once the liquid has been soaked up in rags or tissue.
If for some reason it's a big spill than cover it with sand. (not the filter! just the floor)
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