Panel sitting proud?

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Panel sitting proud?

Post by BALDYMONSTER » 17/09/17 18:06

Ok, so the bottom of the panel underneath the side air intake is sitting out where it meads the edge of the door.

Obviously this is now getting chipped and marked.

How should this attach?

Do I need to remove the interior panel behind the passengers seat to get to the fixing point and if so what is it? A bolt, screw or push fitting?



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Re: Panel sitting proud?

Post by cosmos » 17/09/17 21:01

From memory behind the trim two long screws perhaps M5 thread use a magnetic socket or be careful when extracting them out, also there is a plastic clip that pushes into its female counterpart at the bottom near the door. Could just be that if you pull and release the bottom clip and loosen the long screws instead of holes there it is slots and try pulling the panel downwards gently to try, the screws I think pass through the panel and screw into the twin turbo strip.
Good luck, Rob.

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