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by Woody928
16/04/18 22:27
Forum: MK2
Topic: Mr2 Turbo hesitation normal driving.
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Re: Mr2 Turbo hesitation normal driving.

ok thanks but dose the coil cause the issue i am having when it warms up ass it seems to do it most off the time when it warms up?? Temperature didn't change the effect for me, this is a bit of a stab in the dark though. At first my issue was minor however got progressively worse until the car was ...
by Woody928
12/04/18 16:41
Forum: Highland Drive 2018
Topic: 2018 chat thread
Replies: 36
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Re: 2018 chat thread

chris wrote:
12/04/18 15:19
TonyleFrog wrote:
12/04/18 12:21
Whoever can pinpoint where it is, wins.
North Scotland
North West Scotland
by Woody928
11/04/18 22:31
Forum: Highland Drive 2018
Topic: Anyone changed their car?
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Re: Anyone changed their car?

I've got the car mostly fixed now, the important bits anyway! :laughing
by Woody928
09/04/18 14:02
Forum: MK2
Topic: Mr2-not ready to let it go UPDATE
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Re: Mr2-not ready to let it go

Sorry to hear that dude, the rust is going to be everyone's big challenge now. Several members are starting to notice their doors rotting along the bottom so your not the only one (I've just replaced both of my doors). The best bet if its quite far gone will be to source replacements and cover the i...
by Woody928
08/04/18 0:13
Forum: MK2
Topic: Mr2 Turbo hesitation normal driving.
Replies: 7
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Re: Mr2 Turbo hesitation normal driving.

Have you checked out the coil? I've just replaced mine as I had a similar issues. The plastic cracks and they get wet which causes them to start to rot. Because its hidden under the fuse box you never see it or check it, made my car undriveable eventually.
by Woody928
06/04/18 9:04
Forum: National Events
Topic: JDM Combe Saturday 2nd June 2018 - Sign up
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Re: JDM Combe Saturday 2nd June 2018 - Sign up

I'd be there again as I have a score to settle with the track however I'll be in Italy that weekend unfortunately.

Maybe next time :no:
by Woody928
31/03/18 19:04
Forum: Introduce Yourself
Topic: Hi everyone!
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Re: Hi everyone!

Hi and welcome.

Awesome first car! :th:
by Woody928
27/03/18 22:12
Forum: Highland Drive 2018
Topic: Lunch on Skye.....input please.
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Re: Lunch on Skye.....input please.

I'm happy to go with either knowing how much good food is available all week, albeit dinner there last year was really good!

Hopefully the weather will change a lot over the next few weeks, maybe we even get some sunshine :laughing
by Woody928
23/03/18 16:31
Forum: National Events
Topic: Practical Classics - Classic and Restoration Show
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Re: Practical Classics - Classic and Restoration Show

Sounds like good fun and I've still not been to the NEC however I've got other commitments unfortunately.

Hope you both have a great time and chuck up some pictures if there's anything interesting :th:
by Woody928
20/03/18 14:34
Forum: Highland Drive 2018
Topic: Tick Tock... :>)
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Re: Tick Tock... :>)

You're not the only one, my car has just died! :no:

Some trouble shooting to be done....
by Woody928
08/03/18 22:06
Forum: JAE - Japanese Auto Extravaganza
Topic: JAE 2018
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Re: JAE 2018

I'm not averted to a club camping holiday if we can choose a venue with some nice roads around et al (somewhere central). Especially if there's statics as it'd be better for Rach and I with the little'un. Let's see what is said first. :th: Having just read everything this did cross my mind as well,...
by Woody928
05/03/18 9:18
Forum: MK2
Topic: doors mk2
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Re: doors mk2

You can use the door, however you'll need to make sure that you have the correct rub strip for your car for it to match in. You will want to check the glass tint, there's a good chance your import door will be bronze and UK door will be green (check what tint your glass is). You'll also need to cons...
by Woody928
26/02/18 16:44
Forum: MK2
Topic: Brake pad choice.
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Re: Brake pad choice.

I'd go with standard vented disks, they can easily do the job that is needed. Grooved and vented etc are just to look nice and tend to cause pad wear issues. You've got to be spending big money for it to be worthwhile imo and on far more powerful and complex cars than our MR2's. Pads lots of choice,...
by Woody928
18/02/18 23:32
Forum: South East
Topic: Kent Run 2018 season - Round 1 Sunday 18th March
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Re: Kent Run 2018 season - Round 1 Sunday 18th March

Put me down for the 11th please, I can't make the 18th as I'm at Goodwood all weekend. I hate early mornings but I love them really :D Sorry mate, the 11th is no longer an option as that is now the date for the second PH run. Already guessed that would be the case, no worries I'll likely see you on...

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