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Thinking of joining ? Are car clubs more than the cars ? Featured

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Thinking of joining ? are car clubs more than the cars?

So you’ve been googling around for information on cars or MR2s specifically and you have arrived at the MR2 Owners Club site.

Firstly welcome, stay for a while and have a look round,

So you’re probably asking yourself, a few questions such as, “I don’t own a MR2 yet” well this is as good a place to be to get advice before you part with your hard earned pennies, quite often current members, may well offer to come and have a look over it with you.

We have members between MR2s, who attend meeting on a regular basis, I have been to a couple in my daily drive, as it's as (if not more important) seeing the friends I have made being in the club.

“I don’t think my MR2 is a good as some I have seen on the site”  don’t worry about that, there are some beauties no doubt, mine for example is a 21 year old car with various things not right, but would I get rid of her NO! and there is always help and advice regarding your “ongoing project”

“I don’t know about cars I just love MR2s”  Again don’t worry come inside the waters lovely, the MR2OC is a very active club, and to get back to the title, yes it's about more than the cars, it's about the social side all of us have, so don’t be shy about going along to a meet, use it as a taster if you like.

So if your curious, register as a user, get a feel for the club, get along to meets, and I’ll wager you will be like an old hand in no time.

Do be warned MR2s are addictive!!

Brian JW

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